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Purificador de ar para automóveis Philips GoPure Style GP5611 Diga adeus aos micróbios transportados pelo ar e respire ar saudável Ver o GoPure Capta os micróbios transportados p… Elimina os vírus e bactérias** Neutraliza gases e odores Não é necessária instalação
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    GoPure Style Car air sanitizer GP561X1 | Philips

    GoPure Style Car air purifier GP561EX1 Goodbye airborne microbes. Breathe healthy air The GP5611, with its advanced SaniFilter Plus and UV-C light, removes and deactivates viruses and bacteria. In just 5 minutes, it safely eliminates 99.9% of microbes through UVC light*1+2. The HESAMax technology removes chemicals and odours 24/7. See all benefits
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    New Philips GoPure Style GP5611 car air purifier Eliminates

    The GoPure Style series 5611 captures airborne particles in your car, as small as 0.004um. Zapping microbes with UVC light, it safely destroys >99.9% of bacteria and virus. The HESAMax Cartridge removes chemicals and odors 24/7.
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    New Philips GoPure Style GP5611 car air purifier Eliminates over 99.9% of airborne bacteria and viruses with powerful UV-C light Suresnes, France – May 17st, 2021 – The Covid pandemic has brought special attention to the issues of air purity and respiratory illness. Our filter systems are designed to filter particles even
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Philips GoPure Style GP5611