The Manor House offers the Casolare del Viandante (Wanderer’s House), and occupies an area of 75 sq m. It can be used in a variety of ways: individuals, couples, families and groups of 6 to 8 people (even 10 people, if need be). The Casolare del Viandante is immediately opposite the swimming pool.
The Casolare del Viandante actually contains 2 apartments with a large communal living room. Each of the two apartments has a separate entrance, and so they could be used separately if wished. They are arranged in mirror image, with a large bedroom (15 sq m) and bathroom (5 sq m). The kitchen is also in the communal living room. Both apartments and the living room have satellite television.
When available, a single apartment with an area of 20 sq m can be booked in the Casolare del Viandante, consisting of a single room with bathroom, but no kitchen.

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